a.m. routine | working girl edition

We all see these amazing, thorough Instagram/YouTube morning skin routines and aspire to be those people… but sometimes its just not realistic. Some people are amazing at doing a whole routine even when they are strapped for time but that isn’t me haha. I’m going to show you my quick 5 min routine (more like 2 min routine) that has just 3 easy steps.

Disclaimer: This routine works perfectly fine for me, but others may have longer routines that they find essential THAT’S TOTALLY FINE. Also these products work for me but everyone has different skin types so please keep that in mind.

1. Cleanser – TIME EST. 1.5 MIN

Cleanser is pretty essential in all routines! I do have to disclose though that I don’t use cleanser every morning, and often just use water (i know some people use micellar water too).

When I do use cleanser, I’ve been loving the BeautyBio pH Balancer Gel Cleanser. It is light enough that I can use it in the morning, but still cleanses really well when I use it in my p.m routine. I also love the Fresh Beauty Soy Face Cleanser for morning as it is super light and refreshing.

Find the Beauty Bio Cleanser here and the Fresh Soy Cleanser here

2. Moisturizer – TIME EST. 0.50 SECS

While I have to admit that sometimes I skip this step, one of my favorite moisturizers to use in the morning is the Drunk Elephant Protiniā„¢ Polypeptide Moisturizer. This moisturizer is really light, which is nice for the morning time, but it is also hydrating enough. While I don’t always moisturize in the morning, this step is really important for drier skin types, especially when the weather gets colder.

Find the Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer here

3. Sunscreen – TIME EST. 1 MIN

Okay this is the most important step in the whole routine.. SPF! You have probably heard tons of people raving about HOW IMPORTANT SPF IS! I will spare you the lecture but will mention that this is the most important step in a morning routine (all year round).

I’ve used many different brands of sunscreens and have included a few in this post that I use more frequently! Below I have also included the links for these sunscreens!

Find these here:

Find the La Mer Broad Spectrum here – Find the Supergoop Daily Moisturizer here – Find the Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen here


And that’s it! The Estimated Time amounted to.. 2 MIN! Although, you would probably use the extra time to gather your products and maybe eat something! How do you guys like this routine? What is your a.m. routine staples? Let me know below!

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