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Hey guys! Recently, I placed an order on Glossier and got A LOT OF STUFF. I have previously tried some of their skincare, but this time I also purchased some of their makeup! If you want to see what glossier products are worth your money, continue on! Also feel free to use my glossier promo link, which gives you 10% off and gives me a $10 credit (can never have too much glossier).


cloud paint in puff and beam

Glossier’s cloud paints are very popular and loved by many. I decided to try out the shades ‘puff’ and ‘beam’ and give my thoughts on them. When using this product, I would recommend starting out with the tiniest drop and then adding more product if you want. A little goes a long way, and it is not super easy to wipe off what you already put on so be careful when applying! The formula is spreadable and long-lasting, but you shouldn’t wait too long to rub in after application as the product will dry down fast. The individual reviews are below!


Pictured to the left is the cloud paint in the shade ‘puff’. This is more of a pink, bubblegum color. I personally feel that this color may be too pink for my skin tone, as per my taste. If you are someone who likes a more prominent pop of pink (or just pinky shades in general) then this would be well suited for you! In the future, I would combine this with the shade ‘beam’ to get a more neutral color!


Pictures to the left is the shade ‘beam’. I quite like this shade and feel that it is well suited to my skin tone. The picture does make it look a little orange-y but I added extra product so the color would show up better on camera. In the future, I would wear this alone or combine it with the shade ‘puff’.

lash slick

This is glossiers mascara. This is meant to curl, sculpt and lengthen your eyelashes. It is also water-resistant meaning it doesn’t just come off, but will wash off easily with warm water when you wash it off. Currently there is only one shade which is black.

Review: I really liked this mascara. It is definitely for those who prefer a natural look, but its not too natural either. I definitely noticed that it lengthened and sculpted by lashes, but am not sure about the curling aspect. Lastly, I really liked that it was not clumpy at all, again giving a natural and clean look. I would recommend this mascara for those who want a natural, everyday product.

haloscope in quartz

Haloscope is glossiers version of a highlighter. It comes in three shades; topaz, quartz, and moonstone. I have personally only tried quartz! This highlighter is very natural looking on the skin, so if you are someone who prefers a more obvious look, then you would probably want to apply a few coats.

The formula itself, in my opinion, is a little dry. I wouldn’t say it glides onto the skin, rather you would probably apply it and then rub it in (at least in my experience). I do like the look, so I would be interested in trying more colors, but I hope that the formula might have improved a little since I placed this order

glossier boy brow in clear

This product is a brow gel. It comes in four different ‘colors’; blond, brown, black, and clear. I have personally only tried the clear one, but I do like it! This product helps yours eyebrows stay in place, but makes it look very natural. Other products might make your eyebrows look too ‘groomed’, but this product gives in a natural look. As long as you don’t use too much product, you won’t feel any stiffness. I hope to try more colors in the future! (Probably brown lol, my eyebrows aren’t gonna change colors for me to try other colors)

glossier lip gloss

This lip gloss is supposed to give you a long-lasting, comfortable, glass finish that is not sticky. Also, due to the Vitamin E in it, your lips are also supposed to feel soft and hydrated.

Review: Seeing pictures of this lip gloss online, I LOVED IT, and had to try it. The look of it, fully meets my expectations. It looks as good on you, as it does on the models, and gives the same ‘wet, glass’ look. Despite their description saying that it wasn’t sticky, I did notice that this product was a bit sticky. It might not be as sticky as some other lip glosses that give this look, but it is still a bit sticky. After it settles into your lips, the stickiness does go a way a little, but I do notice that it is still somewhat there.


milky jelly cleanser

This cleanser was one of my go-to cleansers for a while. This is a conditioning skin cleanser, with a gel formula, that can be used on wet or dry skin (can act as a makeup remover).
Review: I used this cleanser for a while, and honestly really liked it. Its great for dry-normal skin types as it is conditioning, and doesn’t make your skin feel stripped at all. It always made my skin feel clean and fresh but it didn’t do much for breakouts which is why I switched to another cleanser.

super pure serum

This is one of the three serums that glossier offers. It is meant to target breakouts. The Niacinamide and Zinc in the serum are supposed to soothe redness and calm blemishes. Lastly, it is supposed to flush impurities including excess sebum.
Review: This super definitely felt good on the skin but i don’t think it produced the mentioned results for me. I did not really notice much improvement in blemishes while using this product. It did feel like water, which wasn’t a bad thing, but overall the product didn’t do much for me.

balm dot com

In balm dot com, I have three flavors; original (pink packaging), mint (green packaging), and birthday (sparkly packaging). All these flavors are clear but ‘birthday’ does have some sparkles in it.

Review: Out of the three, mint would have to be my favorite. It is not only hydrating, but is cooling, which feels amazing. The original is nice too, but obviously lacks the cooling portion which makes it a pretty standard lip balm (comparable to Carmex or Kiehls). Next is the birthday flavour which looks really nice but is somewhat drying. If I am using birthday, I will typically layer it on top of the original or mint flavor to prevent drying

Thank you for reading! To conclude, I would have to say that I really like Glossier as a brand! Most of their products are things that I would use and have had pretty good experience with! I hope by reading my reviews, you can decide what products are worth your money! Please let me know what you thought of this post, and what I should review next! Also let me know your favorite glossier product below!

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