Laser Hair Removal: PART 1 |initial experience and FAQ

Hey guys! Recently I started Laser Hair Removal and asked on my Instagram if anyone had any questions about it. I received a bunch of questions that I will answer in this post, hopefully helping anybody considering LHR or just interested in it. To follow my journey in real time, follow me on Instagram HERE!

DISCLAIMER: please read this post with a grain of salt. I am not a doctor and am only sharing my experience! If you have any questions after reading this post, please comment below or reach out to me VIA my Instagram DM’s.

I.What type of laser hair removal are you getting?

The medical spa I go to offers a type of laser called ‘Soprano’, using the Soprano XL machine. Basically this type of laser is said to be the most painless laser currently offered (I will get more into this later), as it uses a cooling technology to prevent regrowth of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.

II. Is your type of laser safe for darker skin tones?

YES! This is a question I had too when I started considering LHR, especially since many people with darker skin tones have problems with LHR. I learned that the Soprano laser is quite safe for people with brown skin, like myself, and will not cause discolouration (provided you are diligent with your sunscreen).

III. Does it hurt?

This question was asked A LOT, and I totally get it because it was one of my biggest worries going into it. The short answer is ‘NO’. As I mentioned above, this type of laser is supposed to be virtually painless and it honestly was. 

My technician told me that each session, the heat of the device will increase but at my first session I could only really feel the heat on my skin a couple of times. Majority of the time, I just felt a cooling feeling on my body.

She also mentioned that areas where the skin is coarser, you will feel it more which was true for me. On areas like my upper lip, armpits and bikini, I did feel some slight pain but it really wasn’t that bad at all. It just felt like a tiny toothpick pricking you, which hurt way less than waxing or threading. 

Please keep in mind that my pain levels are strongly dependent on the type of laser I got and my own skin type. If you get other types of laser (like IPL), the pain levels could be much different.

IV. Are the results permanent? How long do they last?

Specific to my type of laser, the results are meant to be almost 100% permanent. They never say that all your hair will be completely gone, but after the recommended amount of sessions, you will probably have next to no hair on the treated areas. Some say that after your initial LHR treatments, you can go for touch-ups every year or so, but this is largely dependent on the individuals hair type. It is also said that after major hormonal changes, like a pregnancy, your hair may grow back in some areas, which is natural.

V. Cost?

Doing Full Body Soprano LHR, will cost me $199 CAD per session, which is roughly $150 USD. I am estimated to take between 6-8 sessions, but it can go up to 10-12 for areas with coarser hair (here’s to hoping it’ll only take 8 LOL).

Aftercare & "Whats Next?"

After each treatment, they advise you to avoid exercising, swimming or long showers for 3-4 days. In between treatments, they also advise you to avoid direct sunlight and to ALWAYS wear sunscreen. At my medical spa, they recommended a specific sunscreen as it had zinc and titanium in it, which are meant to be good for after-laser sun-care! The sunscreen is the TIZO Mineral Sunscreen / Primer and will be linked HERE

My next blog post in this series will talk more about hair fallout between treatments (which occurred after 2 weeks and YES your hair literally falls off randomly), and my experience with my second treatment.

Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment below if this post was helpful, or if you are considering LHR in the future! Also, if you have any questions, comment them below!

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  1. Loved reading! Very helpful , I’ve been considering Laser for a while but never did it. Could you talk more about products to use during this process in the next post? (Like exfoliants)

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading, and for sure! They actually do recommend exfoliating to help with the shedding so I will make sure to add in some recs in the next post!

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