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Jewelry is something that can make or break an outfit. It can be the missing piece, or throw the whole outfit off. All over Instagram, there are thousands of companies advertising jewelry and sometimes its hard to find the best pieces. I’m here to share my favorite pieces of jewelry with you guys.

1. mejuri editor earrings

This piece was gifted to me by Mejuri (no not sponsored, i wish), and I really liked it. This piece is called the Editor Hoops in the color ‘Gold Vermeil’. They retail for $69 USD which I think is fairly priced for the product and quality you are getting. You could definitely find cheaper earrings that resemble this one, but I really think that with this fair, you are paying for the quality and of course the brand.

Although they are good quality, they are also really light which I surprised about. I really like when jewelry is lighter because I find heavier jewelry irritating/hard to wear long term. This piece is also super versatile since gold hoops can really go with any outfit, whether you want to dress down your outfit or dress it up!

Here is an excerpt from Mejuri’s website detailing the materials used in these earrings: “Unlike regular gold-plating, vermeil is nickel-free and made of thick 18k gold layered on solid sterling silver to give pieces their lasting colour. Vermeil doesn’t like sweat or water, so be sure to remove your vermeil jewelry before exercising or showering.”

Find the Editor Hoops here:

2. apc monaco mono silver ‘oui’ earrings

I purchased this piece myself from apc monaco which is a jewelry store that I recently discovered. I actually bought the earring pictured in-store at the price of $109 CAD ($82 USD) but they also have an online website which you can find here.

Basically this earring is a sterling silver ‘word‘ micro paved with zirconia stones. I chose the word ‘oui’ but there are a variety of other words that you can choose from. I really like this earring because I found it very different and unique. As seen in the picture, the earring stretches across the ear from bottom to top, rather than dangling off the bottom.

This earring is good quality and I haven’t had any issues with the stones falling off (yet). It is also pretty light and fits comfortably on the ear. While I do love this piece, it is a bit small, so if you were to wear this (wanting to make it seen), you should probably opt for an updo/pull your hair back. I personally like to wear this with my hair tucked behind my ear. Also this is only meant to be worn on one ear, so you could wear a stud on the other ear.

Find the Silver ‘oui’ Earrings here:

3. apc monaco silver ‘safety pin’ earring

This piece I also purchased myself from apc monaco. It is a sterling silver earring that replicates a safety pin, with the bottom being micro paved with zirconia stones. I’ve seen a lot of ‘paperclip-type’ earrings but haven’t seen many with the bottom composed of stones. I bought this for $69 CAD ($52 USD).

I think this earring looks super cool and is also really versatile. Its silver which goes with many colors and is subtle enough that it can be worn casually or with a fancier outfit. This is also meant to only be worn on one ear, so you could wear a stud (or anything of your choosing) on the other ear.

Find the Silver ‘Safety Pin’ Earring here:

4. brandy melville silver star drop earrings

This piece is one of my favorites to wear, and its super affordable. These star drop earrings are threaders with a star at the end. They retail for $5 USD ($6 CAD), and are from Brandy Melville. I bought these in-store but you can shop them online here.

I honestly really love these earrings. They are really light, trendy and like I’ve said multiple times, they go with anything! Also, for being $5 USD, they are super good quality and I haven’t had any issues with them yet! (even if they weren’t $5, they would still be good quality).

Find the Silver Star Drop Earrings here:

4. brandy melville chunky hoop earring

These have become my all-time staple hoops that I wear with literally everything and anything. They are from Brandy Melville and priced at $8 USD ($10 CAD) which is also pretty affordable! I’ve had these for more than a year and haven’t noticed any issues with them!

Like most of my earrings, these are pretty staple so they go with a lot of outfits. In my opinion, these would go great with blue jeans and a white top, for a casual outfit! They also have similar hoops in gold if you prefer gold jewelry.

Find the Silver Chunky Hoop Earrings here:

5. diamond studs

Diamond studs are a staple for many including me. They can either just be a placeholder for when you want simple studs, or look super classy for when you dress up. I am going to share diamond studs from a couple of places, at a variety of prices (real and fake), for everyone to choose from! I personally got my diamond earrings from Costco (they were real but a gift), but there’s so many cheaper options that look amazing too.

Above, I have included pictures of a couple of options and their corresponding stores/prices. There are options within a very wide range, so everyone can find one suited to them!

Find these earrings here:

Mejuri Diamond Mini Studs:

Costco Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings:

Forever 21 CZ Stud Earrings:

Thank you for reading! I hope this post was helpful or at least somewhat interesting (lol) Please feel free to leave a comment, letting me know what you thought of the post, or even leaving your own jewelry/earring suggestions!

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